Disability Aid Dogs

Disability Aid Dogs

Disability Aid Dogs is an Australian National Community Service Organisation caring for the community since 1994, giving the power of freedom to many disabled people.

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Mutual Trust - The key to an assistance dog and handler

Here it is, the absolute essence of what we train for, the "Pack Understanding" between handler and the intensely spiritual nature of the dog and its pack association. This is so essential, as no matter what the circumstances of what the "Program Team" or "Alternative Handler" may be faced with, there is an understanding between human and canine. Being a deeply spiritual being, the dogs are driven to understand their environment, so they need to understand what we want. When charged with the honour of handling one of our world's most deeply evolved creatures - WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THEM!

The courses the humans go through is basically theory, then a practical under a Public Access Test (PAT), this is to examine that very "pack association". We so desperately need to be in control of our dogs in especially trying and/or busy environments. Imagine the stress levels we are under on a busy bus, or worse still, packed peak hour trains. Although we instruct all teams to avoid those high stress environments, at times, you and your dog will encounter them. It so essential that both dog and handler are trained together, as they are in fact a TEAM, this is the essential key, so well established by the Guide Dogs movements throughout the world, especially in Australia and thus the essential component that must be understood in the programs we run.

Who we are

DAD is a self-accrediting Organisation and a peak body in our own right. Some of our clients get government funding.

DAD disability aid dogs

What we do

We do not sell dogs, we give you the tools and training to train your dog under the expert supervision of our highly qualified senior trainers and instructors.

We're nationwide

With offices in Queensland, NSW and Western Australia, DAD offers advice and support on trained dog aid for disabled people and programs such as Assistance Dog, Home Therapy Assistance Dog and Visitation Dog.