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DAD - Disability Aid Dogs

Disability Aid Dogs is an Australian National Community Service Organisation caring for the community since 1994, giving the power of freedom to many disabled people. With offices in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, D.A.D. offers advice and support on training clients with their own dogs assisting disabled people with programs for Medical Assistance Dog, Home Therapy Assistance Dog and Visitation Therapy Assistance Dog.

We do not pre-train and sell dogs - we train with your specific disability assistance needs from your dog with the expert supervision of our Internationally qualified senior behaviourists, trainers and instructors. D.A.D. is a self-accrediting organisation and a peak body in our own right.

Our Founders

Alex Van Oeveren founded our organisation on 16.02.1994 with his wife Connie as Co-Founder. Due to failing health, Alex entrusted his dedication and hard work to another in the company in 2016, and unfortunately passed away after a battle with cancer in 2017. They both will always be recognised as the Founders of Disability Aid Dogs, and author of our Governing Documents. It is with pride Disability Aid Dogs takes the legacy of the hard work paved by Alex and Connie into the future.

inflight therapy dogOur Patron, Jenifer Parkhurst on a Jetstar Flight with her wonder dog "Kari".
This little bundle has saved Jenifer's life more than once and is an inspiration to us all. Jenifer is a highly talented dog trainer and has trained Kari in a remarkable way.

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Digital Pacific have hosted and supported our organisation since 2001 over a decade of dedication and wonderful technical expertise.

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